Had a fantastic hack today. Bill was a little reluctant to leave his yard buddy but once we got out of sight, and once I got a little firmer with him he was fine.

I got down to check a shoe that was sounding a little loose, I took him to the village shop to mount of a bench and he ended up knocking all their flower pots off!! I will have to go in tomorrow and apologize!

This was only our third time out and it was blowing half a hurricane. We went passed flappy plastic bales and there was even someone shooting in the distance… He was absolutely perfect! Didn’t even flinch.

We even had a little trot behind my friend’s horse. Now I have not had chance to get to my big fall just yet, but I will say that for someone who had a bolt followed by a fall this was quite a nerve racking moment. But again, he knew his job and he was the perfect gentleman.

Came back buzzing I was so proud of the pair of us. We really are making a great partnership.