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I have only been a horse owner for 18 months now, and the very first day my horse arrived I heard from many people I had not seen for years.

“I rode once in Spain” “I had lessons as a kid” “I’d love to learn to ride”.

Luckily I soon learnt that my first horse was certainly not a beginners horse, and the stories of adrenaline and terrifying situations managed to scared most people off. Then he went back to his owner and the new boy turned up.

Everyone is very aware that I have had a tremendous confidence knock. So it is fairly obvious that the new horse is to be a perfect gentleman. So what am I to tell these wannabe riders? I feel like many people simply see a way to ride a horse for free. But the fact is, If I have the time to babysit someone on my horse then I would rather use that time to ride him myself!

I have now started to tell people that my loan agreement states I am the only person who can ride him. So what then am I to say when I find out a friend of mine went to the yard without my knowledge and rode him into the yard bareback, with only a lead rope and head collar; completely alone.

I know Bill is a lovely boy and would never deliberately hurt a fly but at the end of the day he is still a horse. Anything could spook him and then what? Am I responsible? Sometimes I feel like people are so self absorbed they don’t think of the horse, or even the stress to the owner. I was quite upset to find out what she had done, not only did I feel like she had done it behind my back, I was worried In case something had happened or even if she was to go up there and do it again?

I know she can ride, and yes she has much more experience than I do but I have only had Bill for a month or so and I feel like I would like to establish a bond with him first. I do not think that is unreasonable. On top of this I do not like her style of riding, it tends to be a million miles an hour all over the place and it’s not the attitude I want bill to have.

Well rant over I suppose.