Haven’t been able to get out much this week due to the awful weather and too many work commitments. So I thought I would set myself a goal.

We plan to go out on Sunday, rain or no rain as I would quite like to find out how our dear Bill is in the rain. I’m sure he will be fine but my friends mate has a tendency to try and turn home, until she works out that you are over half way then of course she speeds up!

So I plan to hack over to my friends yard and use her little school. It’s not much, but it is sand and it is contained: all we need.

My goal is to do a little jump. I have not jumped in nearly a year as my last horse got too over excited and had a tendency not to stop! So I plan to do a little cantering; also quite a big step after the bolt and then a jump! My friend is a BHS instructor so she will be my cheering section.

I think this could be a huge step for Bill and I, he is already well on his way to being my perfect partner but this may well cement it!

Watch this space! Eek!