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My last update was about having a little jump on my dear Bill but sadly we never made it. We had a ride and a small go round the school but a friend of mine pointed out that he was not quite sound.

In doing some slightly tighter circles she noticed that he was a little short on his left hind. PANIC!!! I have had Bill for about 3 months now, I have started to get that bond and although people say it takes two years to really know a horse I feel like we have been making a great team. So i contacted his owner, he has been lame for no known reason in the past and we all had that terrifying thought that perhaps the problem was progressive.

Of course I have had the lectures of “You can’t have an unsound horse at your level” “You don’t need the hassle” “He’s not fit to be out on loan”. So I have spent the last few weeks wrapping him in cotton wool totally worried that I may have to give him back. And…begin that horrible horse search again.

There was one person who was the voice of reason amongst all the panic, she told me that he wasn’t unsound but simply lazy. I was kicking him on enough and he had simply gone into auto pilot. I have been clingy to this for the last few weeks. I have not ben brave enough ride, I have just been trotting him up and down the stretch of flat concrete filming, looking, staring…desperately trying to see the problem. But he has been more than happy, he trots beautifully. All four legs/feet have been cold and there has been no swelling, stiffness or leg resting anywhere. But as a novice…do i really know what I am looking for?

Finally his owner was able to pop out and have a look at him for me. She checked each leg, trotted him up and…

HE’S FINE!! Thank goodness!!

I cannot explain how relieved I was, I had been so worried. Why is it when you finally find that horse everything is so scary!? Bill is the horse that is going to get my confidence back and i am so worried about something happening.

Tomorrow we are going out for a fun hack. I may even get a little canter in for him to blow off a bit of steam.